As market leaders in creating memorable customer experiences, All-Star Global was delighted to learn of a new study confirming the importance of customer support in winning over consumers. The firm has shared how it is working with major brands to improve the customer experience.

Sales and marketing firm, All-Star Global help a range of companies increase their brand awareness and customer base throughout the U.S. The business combines their insight and expertise to deliver long-term results that ensure a focussed performance and a guaranteed return on investment. Through their commitment to maximising marketing budgets, All-Star Global has been able to help brands deliver a memorable and unique customer buying experience.

A new study has revealed that the primary factor affecting brand loyalty is the quality of the customer support experience. The survey from IDC and LogMeln found that fast and efficient customer support will win over consumers in a competitive market; 67% of consumers have said they see customer satisfaction as more important than price when associating with a brand, with better communication and active problem solving as one of the top priorities. 89% of those surveyed stated that having a support agent they can go to, is an essential part of a customer support experience.

All-Star Global express their delight in customers recognising the value of customer service and how it can excel a brand above their competitors. However, the firm is still concerned that some companies believe it is more important to reduce the cost of support; the survey exposed that 30% of companies are still saying that cost reductions in customer service is more important than customer satisfaction.

With better communication being a vital component in the customer support experience, All-Star Global has taken the opportunity to advocate the use of face-to-face interactions in the customer experience. The way that brands communicate with their customers is changing, and All-Star Global believe that engaging and personalised marketing solutions are what helps a name to stand out from its competitors.

All-Star Globals cost-effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing strategies that deliver the personal touch has helped the firm find success in only a short time since their launch; 2018 will, therefore, be an exciting time regarding growth and development for them and their clients.