In light of a report released by Dukes University, Sales and Marketing’s freshest force All-Star Global has spoken out on why a lack of qualified applicants shouldn’t stand in the way of company growth.

All-Star Global is a new name in the sales and marketing sector and is keen to make a splash with their personalised marketing campaigns. The firm is excited to build a stable workforce as soon as possible to have the power and talent to expand their market reach. The company vision reflects this primary goal “Our vision is to become the number one marketing & sales company, helping brands regardless of their industry.”

A recent study from Dukes University has found that a lack of qualified workers in the current market is the primary reason companies are postponing investment aimed at corporate expansion. The study found that an “overwhelming 89 percent of CFOs do not plan to continue with planned projects aimed towards increasing the value of their companies”. The lack of growth in the business sector is blamed on the inability to attract and retain qualified and dedicated professionals.

All-Star Global disagrees with these findings, stating that a company shouldn’t rely on an individual’s qualifications to achieve growth. The firm goes on to explain that an individual can be qualified but lack personal drive and determination to commit to a single business. All-Star Global make it clear that they believe ambition and hard-working staff are the key to helping a business grow and expand, a belief their business is built upon.

All-Star Global has created a hugely productive workforce irrespective of qualifications and experience. The firm has stated that instead of hiring young professionals based on attitude, they use evidence of ambition as the primary contender for their prospective candidates. A willingness to learn is a crucial aspect of the entire workforce at All-Star Global, every day at the firm is an opportunity to grow individually and as a business. This brand ethos has helped the company to achieve faster growth than their competitors. The education of their committed workforce is the key to company growth and loyalty that they plan to continue to use within their hiring process.